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beewoo is a media explorer and multidisciplinary artist who likes to experiment with perception in the entangled built and digital architecture through photography, motion graphics, live video processing, tangible media and interactivity. Questions related to agency, control, embodiment and perspective as they are affected by technological development are at the roots of these explorations. 

beewoo has worked on many projects within collaborations such as Battery Operated and Kit Collaboration.

Focusing on Open Source tools, beewoo instigated and ran artistic creation programs such as Autonomy and Activism and Digital Ludology at the media center Studio XX in Montréal. 
beewoo now also teaches in the Interactive Media Arts (IMA) profile at Dawson College and at Concordia University.

beewoo's latest work investigates immersive architectural representation and tangible interfaces at the junction between media arts and games.

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