prototype, teleture and narrowcast

habitgram is a counter surveillance coat that the visitor is invited to wear. Into it are inserted several wireless mini-cameras that pick up the immediate environment of the participant. These live images are multiplied through real-time video projections on the gallery walls allowing experimentation with a new type of perspective. While wearing the habitgram, the participant actually “wears” the space in which they are standing.

Between architecture and telepresence, habitgram teleture proposes a “reflective structure” between the exhibition space, the viewers and participant, and the projection of video, 2d and 3d animations representing the space.

The user in command of this mediated image flow find themselfs submerged in it in a discomforting way. Would the media image be so untamable? Drowning in this immersive environment, the viewer constantly attempts to understand its structure and source. Meanwhile, they discover new ways of exploring the physical architectural space in relation to its multiplied video mirror. Here, being immersed does not prevent the viewer from taking a critical distance towards the artwork. On the contrary, it is the immersion itself that triggers critical observation.

The performance habitgram narrowcast   inaugurated the use of a custom-made VJing interface especially conceived for this project. Programming by Etienne Grenier. Sound by virgilag&jmx.


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